Learn to code swift with playgrounds

If you’re new to programming and don’t mind the concept of gamification I recommend the „Swift Playgrounds“ from Apple.


first steps with iOS app development

A rainy withsun is the perfect day for my first get-in-touch with iOS app development, I thought.

So I took my new MacBook and a bucket of coffee to get started and browsed through the internet for Swift tutorial for iOS app development. And I have to admit: The boys and girls from Apple have really done their homework ! Just google “develop ios app swift” and you get a whole bunch of free but high-quality tutorials for iOS app development. For example this one: click

source: apple.com

Following the example of a Food tracker app which should offer the user the possibility of tracking his meals by naming, rating and adding a picture to it, you learn the basic skills for developing your own first iOS app with Swift. Continue reading “first steps with iOS app development”