deploying a Spring application on SAP Cloud Platform

Just a quick one today.

I wrote some words about Spring on my personal blog (Spring buzzwords: Java Framework, Dependency Injection, bootstrap):

The reason I made that effort in understanding Spring is that a colleague of mine, who is Java developer, recommend Spring for our brewcloud-project because it is the easiest way to create a Java application easily.
But before it gets easy, you have to understand some Spring basics – I tried to write some of them done in the article I linked above.
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SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS – what is that?

I would like to use the IoT-challenge and the brewcloud-project as opportunity for getting in touch with iOS-app-development in general (I mentioned my first steps in my last article) and the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS in special.

When digging deeper into this topic, it seems first important to understand what SAP Fiori really is. Obviously, it has something to do with new, modern, mobile-enabled UIs by SAP, but is it a development language, a framework? What’s the exact definition of SAP Fiori? Is it the same as SAPUI5? Continue reading “SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS – what is that?”

first steps with iOS app development

A rainy withsun is the perfect day for my first get-in-touch with iOS app development, I thought.

So I took my new MacBook and a bucket of coffee to get started and browsed through the internet for Swift tutorial for iOS app development. And I have to admit: The boys and girls from Apple have really done their homework ! Just google “develop ios app swift” and you get a whole bunch of free but high-quality tutorials for iOS app development. For example this one: click


Following the example of a Food tracker app which should offer the user the possibility of tracking his meals by naming, rating and adding a picture to it, you learn the basic skills for developing your own first iOS app with Swift. Continue reading “first steps with iOS app development”