first steps with iOS app development

A rainy withsun is the perfect day for my first get-in-touch with iOS app development, I thought.

So I took my new MacBook and a bucket of coffee to get started and browsed through the internet for Swift tutorial for iOS app development. And I have to admit: The boys and girls from Apple have really done their homework ! Just google “develop ios app swift” and you get a whole bunch of free but high-quality tutorials for iOS app development. For example this one: click


Following the example of a Food tracker app which should offer the user the possibility of tracking his meals by naming, rating and adding a picture to it, you learn the basic skills for developing your own first iOS app with Swift.

But you not only get the source code plus explanations why this line of code was added, what’s the role of this object and so on, you can also just download the examples and get source code + images + everything and you can just load the project and inspect the example if you want.

The one disadvantage: You can only code an native iOS app if you have a Mac! It’s the same problem as usual: The environment is deeply integrated and working with xcode + the iOS simulator works like a charm. But: no Mac, no party. That’s actually the reason why I bought a MacBook Pro recently – I want to learn the App coding, but I have a Windows machine as working laptop. Well played, Apple.

After I understood the way how iOS apps can be developed, I want to learn how I can build hybrid apps which I can develop and use on other devices than an Apple-device ( I heard of groups of people far away in long forgotten lands which really have non-Apple devices like … what’s the name… An… Andromeda… no…. Asteroids….. no., wait… Android! That’s it 🙂 )



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